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Companion to The Journey of The Sacred Bee Tarot

The Oracle deck has 68 cards and printed on 350gsm white core paper stock, with a matte finish that shuffles like a dream. The edges are gilded with a brilliant purple. The guidebook is 140 pages with a thorough explanation of each card. The box is a sturdy, fold-over, magnetic box, printed inside and out with a ribbon insert to lift the cards out easily.

Dive into a journey through the elements of Fire, Water, Air, Earth, and Aether (Spirit) with the bees as your spirit guides. This Oracle has mostly honeybees and bumblebees, because of their familiarity, but there are 20,000 or so different species of bees and they are all important to the planet. Nature creates its wealth by extending itself into the world. The wealth of the bees is in their outward expansion in nature. As they work to collect pollen and nectar for their survival, they serendipitously cross-pollinate our plant-based food supply. We need the bees! Use this oracle deck to expand your insights into the magical workings of everyday life.

Element of Fire

Each card in the suit of fire in this deck explores needs, behaviors, and driving forces that present themselves through us. Manifesting does not happen because we simply ask. It happens because we are passionate enough to make it so. The goal is to recognize these fervent traits in our day-to-day activities so that we can live a fuller and richer life with a heightened state of consciousness.

Element of Water

The element of water is the executive in charge of our emotions, intuition, and compassion. Water is the symbol of unconscious energy and is the formless power of the soul. The buoyancy of the water element carries us in and out of consciousness and is symbolic of dreams.

Element of Air

The concept of the element of air in readings is how we process our thoughts. Generating ideas, imagining possibilities, and worrying are all considered air-like behaviors. Understanding our thoughts allows for the transcendence of the mind. The human journey through the element of air is where our intellect hangs out during our waking hours.

Element of Earth

The element of earth represented as an oracle card is the matter manifested around us. We often experience the tangible as separate from ourselves when in fact we have harnessed and combined other elements to create something of form. Having the discipline to take the time to work with something until your masterpiece is created is what it means to channel the element of earth.

Element of Aether

The Aether or Spirit element combines the mind consciousness (water) and dynamic principles (fire) in the essence of equilibrium (Air) within the physical vehicle (earth). In this element, we go from nothing to something.

The Three Lineage Cards

There are three bonus cards in this deck called the Lineage Cards. They can be used as significators by choosing the one that is best suited to represent the person asking the question. Or try shuffling them into the deck and when they turn up in a reading, apply the role/persona of that bee to the reading. You can also use them as clarifiers or what I call “bridges” in a reading, especially when you are dealing with people and personalities. Outside of readings, try using them on your altar or in your meditation practice.


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