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The Quest Tarot takes an innovative leap in Tarot design, making the Tarot instantly accessible to beginners, and providing a profound depth of imagery for experienced readers.

This deck is the first that allows you to use the tarot like a Ouija board, getting answers to yes/no questions and spelling out words, names and phrases. The cards also contain gems and stones; suit, month, and season indicators; eye, hair, and skin color; hebrew letters; rune symbols; and astrological symbols. Plus, the addition of the Multi-Verse card extends the Tarot beyond the Universe card into quantum realities. Features: Updated imagery using advanced 3D modeling includes UFOs, modern treatments of ancient symbols, and a fresh color palette

Premieres an easy method for answering yes/no questions Incorporates astrological, kabbalistic, runic, I Ching, and gemstone correspondences Enables user to spell out answers to specific questions in words, names, or phrases The book present ways to work with the deck, from party games to simple yes/no readings, to elaborate spreads incorporating detailed timelines.

Joseph Ernest Martin – ISBN 9780738701950

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