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Every legendary villain has a story ultimately more fascinating than his hero counterpart. These fallen angels are no exception: cast out from heaven, the subversive spirits in this deck have committed at least one of the seven deadly sins to secure their place in the legions of the damned. The cards in Nigel Suckling’s oracle are similarly rich with experience, and devilishly direct: Zepar, the angel who makes women love men, reveals the complications of an affair; Gusion, who can discern the past, present and future, calls upon you to let intuition rule; while Shax, who has the appearance of a stork, warns you to protect your wealth.

Choose a card for daily insight, or lay them out for a reading, just like tarot…and you will find that your readings have depth and veracity.

The accompanying book reveals the card’s meaning, and explains the circumstances of each angel’s history and wisdom teaching.

Illustrations, by artist Sarah Perkins, have been specially commissioned to evoke the dark charm of these most fascinating, mysterious creatures, all of whom offer a special message for you.

Sarah Perkins – ISBN 9781907563300

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