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We have cycles and seasons within us; subtle forms of magic that ebb and flow with the shifting tides, the precession of stars, and the phases of our Moon — connecting to a sacred, unspoken power that animates all life.

When we are able to look within in order to work with this spark — this mysterious force that is woven throughout the fabric of our Universe — beautiful, shimmering insights may rise within us like never before.

As a child of the Cosmos, you are Multidimensional, ever-changing, and constantly moving along a path of endless potential.

And along with your unique placement in this world, you are here to experience the brilliant story of your life.

The Moonchild Tarot is a soulful tool of meditation that has been carefully crafted to align with your light. To help you shine, play, or dive deep within the waters of your heart. As the sister deck to The Starchild Tarot, it taps into new, earthly doorways, and the ancient roots that are calling many of us home at this time.

While the Starchild Tarot is Superconscious, galactic and otherworldly, the Moonchild Tarot is Subconscious and grounding, acting as a new conduit of deep introspection.

It is my absolute pleasure to share this new deck – as an intuitive key that celebrates the Divine Feminine, Shadow work, and Lunar Magick. This edition has been a true labour of love, as it’s been a few years in the making now, and I am finally preparing to launch it into the world! It started off as a tiny seedling of light that blossomed and bloomed into a full-grown deck, filled to the brim with symbols and tools to help support new forms of medicine and illumination for its readers.

Each card represents a story of its own, with elements and archetypes that are thematically based in ancient lore, mysticism, and the transmutational power of the Moon and triple Goddess. While I was creating the imagery for each card, I also found myself journeying to many distant worlds and sacred sites, with the deeper intention of opening new doorways into those familiar realms and spaces that are often traced throughout our dreams… Perhaps they exist as more than mere facets of our imagination, as seeded memories and distant lifetimes that are waiting for our unearthing.

This deck is traditional in that it is built from the original skeleton of the Tarot, with each appointed key as it may have been titled during the 17th century, back when the Tarot was beginning to establish itself as a new tool of introspection and cartomancy. It includes two new additional keys, to help bridge your curiosity and wonder just a little further. I wanted to go back in time with this one to unearth some relics of my own, and glean the wisdom that leans toward the more “mystical” side of The Tarot. And beyond my curious love for lore and magic, I have also refined the meanings of these cards to reflect the deeper, intuitive lessons that are so heartfelt in this ancient tool.

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