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Greet your world with grace, resolve, and assurance with this glourious deck from Angela Hartfield and Josephine Wall. The practice of gratitude lifts your head and heart into a soulful state of calm, peace, and wonder.

This deck combines whimsy and wisdom to deepen your appreciation for the gifts of life to help you reduce worry, build resilience, know hope, and discover the joy available to you each day. Contemplate these beautiful images and messages te renew your relationship with yourself and the world. Choose a card for daily inspiration of guidance on a specific matter for yourself and others.

The magic of thankfulness will nurture your wellbeing and deepen your connections so that challenges transform into oppotunity and reveal understanding, wholeness, and the strength of all you are.

Every card of this enchanting oracle comes to life in a rich symphony of color and exquisite detail, reminding you that life is magical and full of amazing possibilities. Featuring breathtaking illustrations by esteemed artist Josephine Wall, this oracle deck helps you deepen your spirituality and appreciate even the smallest blessings in your life.

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