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Lots of Animal power is de Engelstalige uitgave van Volop Dierenkracht.

The animal power stories with corresponding cards have originated from my two great loves: nature and children.
Over the past twenty years I have experienced great personal growth. Through life’s ups and downs I have learned a lot about myself. It is my deep desire to pass these experiences on: especially to children.

Lots of animal power supports children, parents, adults, teachers, supervisors and therapists in getting to know themselves and each other better.
The animal power cards, in combination with the stories, provide insights for children and adults alike on topics such as emotions,thoughts, overstimulation, self-confidence, qualities and so
much more.

The cards and stories are organised in 5 themes:
Earth power                animals attention and safety
Air power                    animals breathing and own your space
Water power               animals feelings and overstimulation
Fire power                  animals thoughts and qualities
Light power                 animals inner strength

Each animal has a special message and provides insights and tips in a particular subject. For example: The bear would like to tell you more about calmness and safety, the monkey about smiling, the turtle about your own pace and the bee about abilities and patience. You can use the cards in different ways. You can find more information about this in the book.

Number of pages: 60
Number of animal cards: 50
Including: animal cards bag


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